Demolition photos taken on a very sad day at East Windsor Speedway!


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"East Windsor Speedway"


Construction began on October 29th, 1963, and pictured above was

Donald Jones, Sr., a Trentonian Newspaper Reporter, the head of

New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles, John Wyckoff, and the voice

of WCTC radio out of New Brunswick, Nat Klinefield.


East Windsor Speedway opened on June 11th, 1965 and closed on

August 23, 2002.


Below are photos of its demolition taken February 21, 2008



Finishing off the grandstands that were attached to the speedway's office


Once dismantled, the remains are moved to the dumpster for removal


Looking towards turn one from behind the rumble of the old grandstands


Looking down the old midway


With each "bite" decades of memories are removed


Looking at what is left of the fourth turn


The remaining grandstands from behind the remains of the restrooms


Turn four and down the front stretch with only the old base still piled


Old tear offs stuck in the roots of an uprooted tree


Turn three and the pit area


Looking down the backstretch towards the second turn


Looking down the pits towards the "waiting" housing project sales office


What is basically nothing but an "outline" of the old track


What is left of the old tower that stood at the top of the main grandstands


The cement backstretch wall still stands!


What is left of the flagman's stand


Backside of the main tower and novelty stand


Looking towards turn two with the old flag pole still standing


Pit road entrance to the pits from the track


Gone is the pile of "black gold" clay, but what remains was swampy


Sign of the times, and gone is "Racing Every Friday Night"

Fred Hahn/NJRN Photos




(Comparing 2003 to 2008)








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