New Jersey Auto Racing History

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Airport Speedway - Camden, NJ (Palmyra)


(1934 - 1939)

1/4-mile dirt oval


Alcyon Speedway - Pitman, NJ

(1895 until 1960)

Read "AROUND THE FIVE TURNS", an article written by Ralph J. Richards, Jr.

and an article about Alcyon Park that includes a photo of the speedway.



Amatol Speedway - Hammonton, NJ (1926 - 1928)

(aka: Atlantic City)


The track was a 45 banked 1.5-mile long and 50' wide wooden oval board track

built in 1926 to handle speeds of 160 MPH. Amatol/Atlantic City held several

Champ Car races from May 1, 1926 until September 16, 1928. Below you will

find information about the towns of Amatol, Atlantic City and the

Amatol/Atlantic City Speedway. You can view photos and various other information

about this track including an old program cover. There are also a few photos that

are part of the "Amusement Park Nostalgia" website run by Charlie and Sharon. I

found this site very interesting and informative as it also contained information

about the Burlington Island Park (located not to far from my NJ home).


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*Arney's Mount Speedway - Springfield, NJ

(aka: Mount Holly)


Unconfirmed Dates:

1/3 paved oval track (4/25/55 - 1958)

1/8 mile drag strip (1957 - 1958)


Arney's Mount Speedway was a 1/3-mile paved speedway with a drag strip.

The speedway and attached drag strip are still pretty much intake. The

remains. of the grandstands, ticket booth/office, concession stand, rest rooms

 and the inside and outside fences can been seen. The speedway had a nice

amount of banking to it and seemed pretty wide as well.


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Asbury Park High School - Asbury Park, NJ


1/4-mile dirt oval (1934 & 1935)


Racing was conducted every Friday night at the High School Stadium

with races sanctioned by the American Midget Racing Association.



Atlantic City Convention Hall - Atlantic City, NJ


The indoor track in the Atlantic City Convention hall was a 1/5th mile flat

concrete oval.



*Atco 3/8-mile Oval - NJ


Several photos of the old Atco Speedway with some of the old fence posts

still visible.


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Atco Raceway - Atco, NJ

(aka: Atco Dragway)


1/4-mile paved drag strip (5/30/60 - Present)



Augusta Fairgrounds - Augusta, NJ


1/8-mile dirt oval (6/7/92 - 1992)


Located at the Sussex County Fairgrounds, ran micro-stocks.



Bader Field - Atlantic City, NJ


Dirt oval - scheduled for 7/30/38 but didn't run



Bridgeton Fairgrounds - Bridgeton, NJ

(aka: Garden State Fairgrounds)


1/2-mile dirt oval (1925, 1930, 1934 - 5/2/36)


The speedway was located at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds.



Camden Convention Hall - Camden, NJ



1/10-mile indoor wood oval



Cape May Court House - NJ


1/2-mile beach oval (9/4/1905 to 4/28/1906)


Races were held on the beach.



Cape May Court House Fairgrounds - NJ


1/2 mile dirt oval (1922 - 7/6/40)



Capital City Speedway - Trenton, NJ


1/5-mile dirt oval (July 1936 to 1936)


Located at Princeton Ave. and Spruce St.



Clark Township Speedway - Westfield, NJ


(5/19/35 - 9/8/35)

1/5-mile dirt oval



Coytesville - (Near Fort Lee, NJ)


1/4 mile dirt oval (years unknown)

2 midget races run on a track built as a dog track, but gambling

was not approved. Races unsuccessful



Delaware Township Speedway - Camden, NJ (which is now Cherry Hill, NJ)


5/8-mile dirt oval (1937)



Dover Speedway - Dover, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval

(6/11/33 to 1935, 7/4/47 to 1952 and 6/12/54 to 7/10/54)


Located on US 46 (on the East side of town, next to the Dover Tank

& Stack Company).


The grandstands reportedly collapsed on two different occasions.


doverspeedway1947.jpg (153097 bytes)

Frank Smith Photo

Bruce Craig Photo - Bobby Joos Collection



*East Windsor Speedway - East Windsor Township, NJ

(aka: East Windsor Fairgrounds, Acella Speedway)



1/2-mile clay oval (6/11/1965 - 8/23/2002)


East Windsor is the most recent New Jersey speedway to be lost. Today

nothing remains of the old speedway but a dirt oval were the clay once laid,

as the entire property was cleared in preparation of developing the site.


The track was built by Don Jones on the same site of the old Hightstown track

located  off Airport Road near the border of Hightstown. While many rumors still

circulated about the track reopening for a couple of years after it was closed,

some from Don Jones himself, the truth was the speedway had saw its last day,

as plans were pursued to build 50+ homes on the property as reported in the

Windsor-Heights Herald.


Just a few years prior to the tracks closing, a home was built just off turn three

that sat roughly 175ft or so from the racing surface.


East Windsor was leased a few times over the years to Ken Brenn, Sr.,

Joe Scamardella and Lindi Vicari over the years, but the track was best known

for the Jones family promoting most of the events held at the track with the

"It's my way or the highway" attitude that saw top competitors like Billy Pauch

and Doug Hoffman get suspended from competition.


East Windsor was known for its Modified racing until the RSCA days of Lindi

Vicari came to a close on 11/2/1980. Jimmy Horton won that event, which was

the last Modified feature held at the track that featured a full field of Modified

cars only.


Don Jones took back over promoting his family owned track in 1981 and was

one of the first tracks to feature true Small Block Modifieds as the headline

division. The track would never again by run by anyone other then a member

of the Jones family.


Soon after the switch was made to Small Blocks, the township began to fight

with the speedway over noise. The track was the first track to have a strict

noise ordinance placed upon it. The level of noise was measured by the

township  just off the property  to ensure the track did not exceed it's

ordinance. The track made street legal mufflers mandatory and on all racecars

and even had a device located at the start/finish line to disqualify any car that

exceeded the level of noise the township would permit.


The track hosted a DIRT sanctioned Modified event that was won by Phil Meisner,

and Doug Hoffman was the track's sole Small Block Modified DIRT representative.


Jimmy Horton was the tracks all-time Modified winner and Doug Hoffman was the

all-time Small Block winner, winning the last race held at the track on 8/23/02.


Kenny Brightbill won the last track championship.


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Flemington - NJ



1/8-mile paved drag strip not located at Flemington Speedway.



*Flemington Fair Speedway - Raritan Township, NJ


1/2-mile oval (1917 - 1972)

5/8-mile clay oval (1972 - 1990)

5/8-mile paved oval (1991 - 2000)


The speedway was finally demolished in 2007 and has become home of retail

stores like Wal-Mart and Lowes to occupy the property that sits off Route 31

in Hunderton County.


The famous covered grandstand was torn down in January of 2006.


In 2005 all of the aluminum seats were sold and moved to the Bridgeport Speedway,

located in Logan Township, NJ.


The track appeared all but lost when when zoning changes were passed by the

Raritan Town Board in September 2002 that effected the property of the speedway

at the request of the Kuhl's, the majority owners of the property.


Flemington held the title of America's oldest weekly running speedway up until it

closed. Flemington also was home of the National Auto Racing Hall of Fame, which

has since been moved to Mahoning Valley Speedway in PA. The clubs cars took to

the track once a month until the Fall of 2003.


There was one last ditch effort to try and save the speedway, via an online petition

started by this website to Boundless Motorsports, but the tracks fate was already

sealed. The petition gathered well over a thousand signatures and was even

mentioned on SPEED Channels, Wind Tunnel Show with Dave Despain.


Drivers like Dick Tobias and Ed McVay lost their lives at the track.


Billy Pauch topped the all-time career win list while Doug Hoffman became the

all-time asphalt feature winner. Hoffman even won a NASCAR sanctioned Modified

event  held at the track, while Pauch won a prestigious Race of Champions event.


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Fort Dix Speedway - Plumstead Twp., NJ

(aka: New Egypt Speedway)


Fort Dix Speedway (AKA New Egypt Speedway) was built as a dirt track in the 1950's

and paved in the 60's. Fort Dix became New Egypt Speedway and closed in the 90's.


Rick Grosso bought the old New Egypt paved track in the mid 90's. The speedway

was enlarged and reconfigured three times. Today it is a 4/10-mile "D" shaped clay

speedway. New Egypt has been in continuous operation once again since 1998.


New Egypt speedway was last dirt speedway in New Jersey that features DIRT

Modifieds, and hosted both of the World of Outlaw touring series races.



Freehold - Freehold, NJ


(8/6/27 to 1940)

1/2-mile dirt oval that was a horse track (Current home of Freehold Raceway?)



Guttenberg - NJ


1-mile dirt oval (September 1911)



*Harmony Speedway - NJ


Harmony Speedway was 1/2-mile D-shaped dirt speedway with a paved drag strip

built by  Carl Van Horn. Harmony was sanctioned by Lindy Vicari's famed RSCA

organization from 4/17/66 - 7/26/67. The grandstand were set far back from the

dirt oval due to the drag strip.


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*Hightstown Speedway - East Windsor, NJ

(aka: Airport Road, Airport Junction Speedway)


Hightstown Speedway started out as a 1/5-mile dirt track, but was better know as the

flat 1/5-mile paved speedway. The speedway was located in the far left corner of the

East Windsor Speedway parking lot (looking from Airport Rd. towards the old track).


The track was located so close to the road back then that they would hang items on the

fence to stop people from parking on the road to watch the races. Hightstown was originally

run by Al Ekert, who also ran the airport located on the same property. The track was flat

and not banked very much. Hightstown ran Friday's while most drivers would then run Wall

Stadium Saturday and Long Branch Speedway on Sunday. Six cylinders and flat heads were

once mandatory and meet with resistance.


Many Hightstown/East Windsor locals also raced at the track, such as: Barry Jones,

Don Stives, Dusty Mullsberry, Jack Stackhouse  (pictured below leaning on racecar),

Jimmy Glover, Joe Vigue, Lou Mohr, Lou Stonaker and Sopy Campbell.


 Today there is nothing that would indicate Hightstown Speedway ever existed.


East Windsor Speedway ended its 2002 racing season almost a month early,

and was later demolished to build 50+ luxury homes.


hightstown1950.jpg (179161 bytes)

Hightstown, 1950

Photo Courtesy of Kevin McElvaine


Hinchliffe Stadium - Paterson, NJ

Hinchliffe Stadium was a 1/5-mile speedway located in North Jersey.


Babe Bower was the 1939 AAA track champion.


hinchliffestadium.jpg (34199 bytes)

Bruce Craig Photo - Bobby Joos Collection



Ho-Ho-Kus Speedway - Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

(aka: Bergen County Park)


(1910 - 7/4/38)

A famous 1/2-mile dirt oval big car track.



Hope Chapel Oval - Lakewood, NJ


(aka: Hope Road Oval)

Dirt oval (4/16/50 to 10/18/51)


Hope Road Oval was located in a gravel pit on County Line Road.



Ironbound Stadium - Newark, NJ


Hosted stock car racing events.



Launch Haven Boardwalk - Somers Point, NJ


Wood track

Race was scheduled for 6/11/10 to be held on the boardwalk,

but was never held.



Lawnside - Lawnside, NJ



Dirt oval well known to the local flat track motorcycle people

in the area that ran in the late 50's.



Lincoln Field - Trenton, NJ


 (1938 - 9/17/39)

1/4-mile dirt oval located at a picnic ground on Klockner Rd.



Linden Airport - Linden, NJ


2.2-mile paved road course (8/21/49 to 1950)

2.0-mile paved road course (1951 to 6/13/54)

1/4-mile drag strip (1954 to 1955)


Races were held on runways with the last race being a NASCAR Grand National race

won by Al Keller in a Jaguar. This was the only NASCAR race won in a foreign car.



Lodi Municipal Stadium - Lodi, NJ


(7/13/47 - 1950)

1/5-mile paved oval



Long Branch Speedway - Long Branch, NJ

(aka: Long Branch Memorial Stadium)


1/5 mile cinder oval (6/25/37 - 39)

Formerly a dog racing track 1/5 mile paved oval (6/25/49 - 1951)

(aka Garfield Stadium)


Long Branch was part of the "Shore Race Club" and raced on Sunday's in the 50's.

The track was located near the boardwalk.


The Nicol Family encounter hard times getting into Long Branch which prompted

them to build Wall Stadium (Now Wall Township Speedway).


The property is now the site of retail business.



Longport Speedway - Longport, NJ


2.5 mile beach track (9/4/1905)


The track went from 24th street in Longport to Fredericksburg Ave. in Ventnor.



Manville Airport - Manville, NJ


(1951 - 1964)

1/4-mile paved drag strip



Manahawkin Speedway - Manahawkin, NJ


1/2 mile dirt oval - 4/23/50 to 1951


The track was located in a gravel pit and was about 800 yards from the site

of the paved track.



Manahawkin Speedway - Manahawkin, NJ


Manahawkin Speedway was a 1/4-mile paved oval.


The track ran in the 1950's. The middle of turns 3 and 4 were removed to run

sewer lines for a school that was recently built.


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Maple Grove Park - Trenton, NJ


Dirt oval (1935)



McAfee - Vernon Twp, NJ


There is a old race track in a town called McAfee located in Vernon Twp, Sussex County, NJ.

The speedway is believed to have operated during the late 40's and early 50's for a period of

about 4 or 5 years. Charlie South, driving for the late Leon Conklin, was a track champion.


The track used to be an old horse track at the turn of the century. It is reported that you

can still make out some of the old track, but not very much as it is very over grown with

no remains left of the buildings or grandstands.



Meadowlands Grand Prix - East Rutherford, NJ


1.8 mile paved road course (7/1/84)

1.6 mile paved road course (1985 to 1987)

1.217 mile paved road course  (1988 to 1991)


The Meadowlands Grand Prix was held at the meadowlands Sports Complex. The race

was originally run through the parking lot in 1984. Indy cars ran at this annual event.



Merchantville - NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (11/11/34 to 1935)


Track was located on West Maple Ave. five miles East of the Camden Bridge.



Miller Stadium - West New York

(aka: West New York Stadium, Municipal Stadium)


1/5-mile dirt oval (8/8/34 to 1940)


Ran auto races in 1934 and 1935, then ran motorcycles until 1940.



Monmouth County Airport - Belmar, NJ


(1948 - 1950)

1/2-mile dirt oval



Monmouth Fairgrounds - Long Branch, NJ (near Ocean Port)

(aka: Elkwood Park)


1.0 mile dirt oval - 9/1/1902, 8/20/1904, 8/19/1905, 7/4/1908 and 9/6/1917


The speedway is near Red Bank and is the current site of Monmouth Park, a horse track.




Morristown Airport - Morristown, NJ


(1945 to 1948)


Morristown was a small oval that ran T.Q. midgets



Morristown Speedway - Morristown, NJ


(6/1950 until 10/1955)


Morristown Speedway was a 1/2-mile dirt oval also located in North Jersey. There was a

100-mile race run on August 24, 1951. Dan Bailey and Frank Mundy both driving 1951

Studebakers finished 14th and 23rd out of the original 44 entries for this 100-mile race.

Tim Flock, Lee Petty and Buck Baker all won races at the Morristown, NJ Speedway


morrisplains.jpg (45647 bytes)

Bruce Craig Photo - Bobby Joos Collection



Mount Holly Fairgrounds - Mount Holly, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (1922 - 7/04/27 and 5/19/37 - 6/23/40)


Mount Holly Fairgrounds was at the Burlington County Fairgrounds which later became

the Fairgrounds Plaza, a shopping center. The track was better known for horse racing

and had the only double-deck grandstands on the East Coast at the time.


mountholly.jpg (112464 bytes)

The track after a 1938 race was rained out

Photo Courtesy of Don Radbruch



Newfield Park - Newark, NJ (1934)


Only one midget race was held and Malcolm MacKenzie was the winner.



Newfoundland Speedway - Newfoundland, NJ


 1/3-mile dirt oval (1949 to 1951)

Ran motorcycles only.



New Market Speedway - Piscataway, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (1927, 7/1/28 to 10/5/34)


The speedway was located on New Brunswick Avenue in Piscataway near the

Piscataway-South Plainfield border in Middlesex County, NJ. The track ran Sprint

cars from 1927 to 1934 with seven lives lost during races at the track.


The site is presently occupied by Pleasant View Gardens, a garden apartment complex

with no trace of the track surviving today.


newmarket.jpg (105502 bytes)

Photo believed to be of New Market around 1934

Photo Courtesy of Don Radbruch



Nutley Velodrome - Nutley, NJ


(4/3/33 - 8/26/39)


1/7-mile high banked wood oval built by Joe Miele, opened for bicycle racing with turns banked

at 45 degrees. Three drivers were killed in 60 race dates before it was 

demolished in February of 1942.


Nutley built a park and playground on the site in 1950, named after Father Glotzbach, a priest

who worked with troubled children.


Paul Russo was the first auto race winner.


Eddie Staneck was the 1938 AAA track champion, Johnny Ritter was the 1939 AAA track champion.



Old Bridge Stadium - NJ


(8/1953 until 1968)


1/2-mile paved track located off of Rte. 18 (Just before Rte. 9)


Old Bridge raced during the 50's and into the 60's with the last race held in 1968. The pits were

behind the back straight with a factory built there sometime around 1970. At least between

1972 to 1979 you could drive through the factory parking lot and onto the track. The track was

still in amazing condition to turn fast laps in street cars. The speedway was dug up and a condo

development (Whispering Pines Housing development) built in 1980.


In 1965, Old Bridge was race #31 on the NASCAR schedule with Junior Johnson the winner.

Lee Petty, Ralph Moody and Fireball Roberts also had NASCAR wins at Old Bridge Stadium.


oldbridge.jpg (19926 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of MHM Photos



Olympic Park Stadium - Irvington (Newark), NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (1909 - 1911 and  7/24/15 - 1917)

Built as a harness track in 1909, Olympic Park was at the Becker Grove Amusement park

and ran motorcycle races from 1909 to 1911. An IMCA race held under the lights won

on 7/24/15 was won by Art Klein.


1/5-mile cinder oval (6/10/34 - 10/7/34 and 5/4/36 - 6/29/36)

The cinder surface had ground up Coca Cola bottles mixed with the cinders.

The first ever race for midgets run on the East Coast was held on 6/10/34.



Paterson Velodrome - Paterson, NJ


1/6-mile wood oval (7/1908)


Ran motorcycles


pattersonticket.jpg (18278 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of Don Radbruch



Pennsauken Speedway - Camden, NJ (Pennsauken)


1/2-mile dirt oval (9/03/34 - 10/21/34)


The speedway was located in a gravel pit and was not Airport Speedway.



Pine Brook Speedway -  Pine Brook, NJ


Pine Brook Speedway was a 1/10th mile asphalt track that ran on Friday nights

and featured TQ Midgets and Micro-Stocks.


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Pleasantville Speedway - NJ

(aka: Atlantic City)


Pleasantville Speedway was a 1/2-mile paved track also known as Atlantic City Speedway.


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Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ

(aka: Jersey City Speedway)


1/4-mile shale oval (7/3/51 - 8/9/51)

1/4-mile paved oval (10/7/51 - 9/17/55)


Located at a baseball diamond, site was torn down in 1984. Roosevelt Stadium

was a NASCAR sanctioned track and had also been televised.



Ruppert Stadium - Newark, NJ


1/5-mile paved oval (5/6/50 - 1952)


Ruppert Stadium was located at 258 Wilson Ave and is now the site

of the Ruppert School Stadium.



South Orange Bowl - South Orange, NJ


Wood oval that ran motorcycles in the 1910's.



Strato Rods Dragway - Wrightstown, NJ


1/4-mile paved drag strip (1968 to 1982)


Located on runways at McGuire Air force base



Teaneck Armory - Teaneck, NJ

(1/12/52 - 2/13/54 and 2/1/58 - 1962)


1/10-mile indoor concrete oval that hosted Stock car and Midget races. 



Toms River Speedway - Toms River, NJ


1/4 mile dirt oval (March 1950 - October 1950)


The track was located off of Whitty Road in Toms River.



Trenton Speedway - Hamilton, NJ


1888 - NJ State Fairgrounds built, 1900 to 1945 1/2-mile dirt oval,

1946 to 1956 - 1-mile dirt oval, 1957 to 1968 - 1-mile paved oval,

1969 to 1980 - 1.5-mile kidney oval with the Trenton Speedway

being completely demolished in 1983 (Now the NJ Grounds for Sculpture).


Kidney-shaped oval; width: 65', turns, 55', straights, 80' wide. Banking:

turns 1 & 2 - 10, dogleg - 4, turns 3 & 4 - 15 with a radius of the

dogleg - 20 and a 2200' front straight.


Trenton Speedway was a 1.5-mile paved track. Trenton was one of New

Jersey's first tracks built in 1900 as a 1/2-mile dirt track. The track was

increased to 1-mile in May 1946 and paved in 1957. Many Indianapolis type

races were run at Trenton. In the 1960's and early 1970's, NASCAR also held

races at Trenton. Trenton's NASCAR winners include Richard Petty, Fireball

Roberts, LeeRoy Yarbrough and David Pearson (who holds the all-time

Trenton track record). Bobby Allison won the last NASCAR race held at

Trenton  July 1972.


The 1/2-mile dirt rack featured Midget racing for the very first time on

September 28, 1940 with the feature going to Cowboy O'Rourke over

Paul Russo and Harry Hart.



Trenton - Trenton, NJ

1/4-mile dirt oval (1950 and 1951)


Built by D. Natale Bros., the track was on the Southeast of town.



Tri-City Stadium - Irvington (Newark), NJ


1/5-mile cinder oval (5/4/38 - 1939)

1/5-mile paved oval (5/29/40 - 10/5/41)

(Might have ran in 1942 as well)


The track opened on 7/26/33 for motorcycle racing on Mill Road and Union

Ave. One lap around the track would put you in three different townships.

It was torn down during WW2. A bowling alley was later built on the site

in 1958.


Red Redmond was the 1940 AAA track champion, Johnny Pierson was the

1941 AAA track champion.



Troy Hills Speedway - Parsippany (Troy Hills), NJ


1/3-mile oiled dirt oval (1931 to 1934)


Photo Courtesy of Don Radbruch


Troy Hills in 1931. This track was "paved" with a mixture of something

called "mine dust" and road oil. There was no dust and this helped

Troy Hills to achieve an excellent safety record.



Tuckerton Speedway - Tuckerton, NJ


Dirt oval (5/30/50 - 10/21/51)


Located about eight miles from the Manahawkin Speedway.


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Union Speedway - Union, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (5/10/36 - 9/22/40)

1/5-mile paved oval (5/3/42 - 7/28/42)


The 1/5-mile track was built inside of the half mile track and was managed

by Albert Santo. Races were held under the supervision of Ferdie Arrigoni.

The track championship went to George Fonder.


Located off County Road 29 on Springfield Rd., Union Speedway ran a motorcycle

race on 5/10/36 with the first auto race held on 5/15/36. Pappy Hough won the

last race. Track was torn down in 1946 and is now the site of an industrial park.



Veteran Stadium - Bayonne, NJ

(aka: Bayonne Speedway)


1/5-mile paved oval (5/16/49 - 1950)


Located on West 25th Street near Newark Bay.



Vineland Speedway - Vineland, NJ


1/2-mile oval (4/03/55 until 7/30/65)

Built by Charles Nocco - located off Rte. 47

Dirt oval (4/03/55 until 10/20/57) and paved oval (4/12/58 until 7/30/65)


1/10-mile dirt oval (1956)

Pappy Hough won the Micro-Midget race on the 1/10th.


1.5-mile paved road course (10/26/58 until 1965)

Roger Penske and Mark Donohue used to drive sports cars on the road course.


1/4-mile paved drag strip (8/02/58 until 1967)

Now the site of the Cumberland County College.


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vinelandsign.jpg (270383 bytes)

Photo Courtesy of Joe Young

(Click on photo to VIEW old racing photos)



Vineland Fairgrounds - Vineland, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval ran in the 1930's.



Wayne - (Singac) NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (1920's)

1/5-mile dirt oval (1931)


Located between Little Falls and Fairfield, Wayne ran motorcycle

races under the lights on small track.



Weequahic Park - Newark, NJ

(Essex County Fairgrounds)

 (aka: Newark Fairgrounds, Waverly Fairgrounds and Waverly Park)


1/2-mile dirt oval (9/3/1906 - 11/6/1906)



Wildwood - NJ


Beach oval (1910 - 1911 and 8/27/26)


Races held on the beach around barrels.



Woodbine -  NJ


(1951 - 1955)

Woodbine was the first drag strip in New Jersey

and was a 1/4-mile paved drag strip.



Woodbridge Speedway - Woodbridge, NJ


1/2-mile dirt oval (7/4/26, 8/28/32 - 1941)

1/2-mile wood oval (7/21/28 - 10/18/31)


Woodbridge Speedway was built by Wilbert Baine and had turns banked

at 38 degrees. Johnny Rohrer (10/27/29), Bob Robinson ( 7/27/30) and

Bernie Katz (5/10/31) were all fatally injured on the board track, while

Fred Farmer was fatally injured on the dirt track on 8/28/32. Bert Karnatz

won the very last major board track race. Woodbridge High School now

sites on the site and uses the old track grandstands.


The high wooden banks of Woodbridge in 1931. Down low and leading

the race is Fred Frame in the same Duesenberg that he drove to a

second place finish at Indy in that year.

Photo Courtesy of Don Radbruch



Woodstown - NJ


Dirt oval (8/4/37)



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