Old Racing Photos

(Mostly from Vineland Speedway)



vinelandsign.jpg (270383 bytes)

View for many entering the old Vineland Speedway

vinelandcrash.jpg (315619 bytes)

Crash at Vineland

vinelandlineup1.jpg (125521 bytes)

Ready for action at Vineland 

vinelandpaved.jpg (267246 bytes)

Down the front stretch they go at Vineland 

vinelanddirt.jpg (251879 bytes)

Legendary Al Tasnady

vinelandlineup2.jpg (195887 bytes)

Heading onto the track at Vineland

vinelandfinish.jpg (166400 bytes)

The checkered flag at Vineland

oldracingmisc1.jpg (234009 bytes)

Al Tasnady leads them

oldracingmisc2.jpg (161291 bytes)

Fan favorite Elton Hildreth charging hard at Vineland

oldracingmisc3.jpg (205580 bytes)

vintagedaytonabeach.jpg (113586 bytes)

Elton Hildreth had a Nash, which he raced on Daytona Beach

oldracingcrash1.jpg (357802 bytes)

1st turn wreck w/ Al Tasnady #44 & Sal Moschella #659

Bob Sweeten Photo - June 21, 1957 at Alcyon Speedway

oldracingdriver1.jpg (216233 bytes)

Mark Sooy, who also had an Offy powered sprint car

oldracingdriver2.jpg (261838 bytes)

Elton Hildreth with #717

oldracingdriver3.jpg (212459 bytes)

Elton Hildreth with his #16-J

oldracingdriver4.jpg (406161 bytes)

oldracingdriver5.jpg (283922 bytes)

Bill Nocco (left), was the owner of Vineland Speedway

oldracingdriver6.jpg (461158 bytes)
oldracingdriver7.jpg (256295 bytes)

oldracingcrash2.jpg (260450 bytes)

What appears to be a wrecked Al Tasnady racecar

oldracingpaulnewman.jpg (236123 bytes)

Actor Paul Newman with Will Cagle

oldracingwomen.jpg (184368 bytes)

Ladies night?

oldracingcrash3.jpg (282734 bytes)

Hard crash at Vineland

oldracingvictorylane.jpg (217574 bytes)

Joe Kelly in victory lane

oldracingmisc4.jpg (251016 bytes)

oldracingmisc5.jpg (183714 bytes)

Jackie Lynch's #1Jr.

oldracingmisc6.jpg (269712 bytes)

oldhotrod1.jpg (188951 bytes)

Joe Young with one of his "hotrods"

oldhotrod2.jpg (183748 bytes) Photos provided by Joe Young and Jack Carr

Joe Young's Olds powered '47 Ford T-thead,

which held track records at both Vineland and Atco



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